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  • Desktop computers
  • Office automation equipments
  • Mobile phones
  • Audio/Video gadgets
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Laptops and Computer Peripherals
  • Memory cards, Pen Drives and HDD
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Fun stuffs

And many more

We have knowledgeable staff to aid you  in making an appropriate decision for your needs and business type.


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At E-BIZ we strive to build systems that not only last but are trouble free. We do this by using high quality parts including motherboards from the best motherboard manufacturers in the world. We do not cut costs by using grey market components. We use RAM from major manufacturers only. In addition, we add in the stability of Windows XP Home Edition or Pro edition, Windows7 all edition.


Is your computer too old or slow? Maybe not. We can upgrade that tired old computer of yours into something newer with current technology. Why not bring it into us to have a look at it. Below, we have some upgrade specials that just might be right for you.


Here at E-BIZ, we can provide a wide range of networking services. Weather you are a home user or a large corporation we can help you. We can provide and install the hardware & software to make your computers work together seamlessly and allow you to work more efficiently. We can set up a home networking solution that links your computers to the internet and each other securely. We can set up entire corporate networks with file sharing, mail services, domain security, internet access all with professionally installed cable runs.

We do consulting and planning for network installations and upgrades. We can identify and install the hardware (servers, workstations, cabling, routers, switches and/or hubs) you need for optimal network utilization.


We build servers and workstations that are matched to your requirements. We configure network services such as file sharing, mail, network printing, internet access as well as internet related services such as web browsing, ftp, dns, virtual private networking and firewalling. We can convert your peer to peer network to a domain based network linking multiple networks into one infrastructure. This provides you with easier management and better network security.

We can troubleshoot network problems to hardware and software. We can test your cables for faults and test for problems relating to a bad NIC, switch or router. We can check your computers to ensure that they meet the requirements for your network. We can configure and set up networking protcols such as TCP/IP.